3D CAD Modeling

Joe delivers 3D CAD models of almost any kind of part or assembly, including machined parts, injection molded plastic, sheetmetal, or whatever you can think of.

2D Drafting

In addition to 3D models, Joe also creates 2D drawings for projects, with detailed dimensions and manufacturing notes.

3D Printing Assistance

3D printing allows anybody, not just designers and manufacturers, to create items in the real world. If you have an idea in your head that you would like to hold in your hand, Joe can create the 3D model for you and help you find the best 3D printing service to bring your concept in to the physical world.

SolidWorks Training/Consulting

Joe has been certified by SolidWorks Corporation as a SolidWorks instructor. He can train your users, one-on-one or in groups, with your designs rather than generic training examples. He can also help with implementation support, template/library creation, and documentation of best practices.

Who is Joe?

The Joe of Joe's CAD Co is Joe Rowsey, one of a small number of Certified SolidWorks Experts (CSWE). Joe has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) and has been using, training, implementing, and supporting 3D CAD since 1997 with Pro/Engineer, Thinkdesign, and SolidWorks. Joe's CAD Co started in Chicago in 2005 and relocated to New Orleans in 2007.

User-Groups and Conventions

In addition to his modeling and consulting services, Joe regularly gives presentations to SolidWorks User Groups and conventions. In 2012, Joe co-founded the New Orleans/Baton Rouge SolidWorks User Group with Bobby Moore. The group meets to share knowledge and experience with SolidWorks and to network.

A nice blog post from Richard Doyle highlights some of the 'workhorse' and 'expert' presenters from past SolidWorks World conventions. It shows that, at the time, Joe earned the 5th highest average score from audience feedback. Three of the four presenters with higher average scores were employees of SolidWorks Corporation.

Below are some of the written comments from Joe's 2010 presentation:

  • Great presenter. You should teach.
  • Excellent job of encouraging questions and explaining ideas with examples.
  • Best session I've attended.
  • By far the best session I have sat in on both this year and last. Great content/presenter.
  • Excellent presenter! Very lively and fun.
  • Good job, good energy, uses humor, not a monotone, interacts with audience.
  • He was great, the best of the show, fast, patient, clear and a lot of information.
  • Best session presenter of the conference.
  • Joe is one of the most effective presenters I have encountered in eight years of SW World.

All of the comments from Joe's 2010 presentation show that there was only one half of a negative comment and it was about the lighting.

New Orleans

New Orleans might be the most exciting city in the country. Come on down for a visit when you get the chance. Enjoy the music, the food and everything else. Check out the NOLA page for some ideas.